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We search for all airlines and agencies, we will show the lowest prices. Buy a ticket without commissions and fees in United States.

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We only work with large and trusted partners. More than 700 air carriers, more than 200 countries. If you want to buy a ticket for a certain airline, you can select only that airline in the settings.

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You can set up a search by yourself. Many filters on airlines, airports, departure and arrival times, agencies, choose whether you need transfers or not, as well as their duration and much more.

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The price will not change. The cost that you see in the output is final. There are no hidden and additional user fees. So that when buying, there are no surprises.

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Tickee will not only help you buy a ticket, but also find any hotel for you among the millions of offers around the world. You can also compare and choose the appropriate insurance or rent a car.

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You can build absolutely any route you want on our website. Including up to 7 flights in any country of your choice. Both business and economy. Travel anywhere!

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Use this handy widget that will allow you to plan your trip. You can find out the ticket prices for the year ahead, depending on the month it may differ significantly.